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Address book GUI - add contact frame

This longer example shows how we could go about and write a small GUI for the AddressBook assignment. It includes Swing features such as

  • JFrame - main windows
  • LayoutManagers
  • ActionListeners
  • Using your own API from a Swing class - accessing the classes from the AddressBook assignment
  • JList
  • JTextArea
  • Jlabel
  • JTextField
  • JButton
  • Menus
    • JMenuBar
    • JMenu
    • JMenuItem

Before watching the lecture, make sure that you have a basic understanding of Swing. There are links to various tutorials under the Further reading section below.

For a quick introduction to some basic classes and concepts in the Swing framework, you can take the following chapters (in this particular order):

Teaching materials

Slides for the lecture

Video lecture


Further reading

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